Season of Creation Week 4

We are now in week four of the Season of Creation, that time in the church calendar, where we focus on God’s creation and how we can work to better take care of it. During week 1, I asked you to consider your banking and investments and how your money is being used to work for or against creation. For week 2, I suggested using an online calculator to better understand your family’s carbon footprint. And last week, I suggested considering going meatless and dairyless for a day each week of the season since eating is such a big part of our carbon footprints. (If you missed them, past columns can be found at 

Actions at the personal and family level are essential to caring for creation, but you will have more impact in the climate crisis if you kick your actions up to the community and political levels.  In fact, Pope Francis calls us to act as he implored us back in 2013:

Sometimes we hear: a good Catholic is not interested in politics. This is not true: good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern.

If you are not registered to vote and live in Washington state, it’s easy. Visit Once registered vote in every election. It’s both your civic and moral responsibility. And between elections, make your voice be heard to leaders using this resource page at Let our leaders know we want decisive and sustained action on the climate crisis. See the Season of Creation events below for a seminar on this very issue.

Help celebrate the Season of Creation with these events:

  1. Thursday, Sept 22 at 6:30pm. Saint Francis of Assisi ministry meeting. Join us as we work to care for creation, right here at St John’s. 
  2. Wednesday, Sept 28 at 10am. Catholic Climate Covenant is hosting a online seminar: Putting our Faith in Action: Voting to Protect our Common Home. Hear about theological foundations for why Catholics are called to vote to protect the environment. 
  3. Wednesday, Sept 28 at 7pm. Stations of Creation at St John’s. Join us for a special stations of the cross centered around creation.
  4. Sunday, October 2 at Noon. Annual Blessing of the Animals at St John’s. This is a wonderful event to bring your pet for Father Crispin’s special blessing. More details forthcoming.

Working together, we can help take care of our common home.  

Paul Litwin

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