Lessons at 100

Today’s Laudato Si in Action is the 100th article in this series that I began in May of 2019. Most I have penned, but a few were contributed by my wife, Suzanna, as well as our friend, Luke Henkel.  From my first article: In this column, my goal is very simple: to share with youContinue reading “Lessons at 100”

Sustainable Energy is Possible; Let’s Help Make it Happen

When it comes to climate change, it’s not all bad news. An article published by CarbonTracker.org back in April  (tinyurl.com/sbwu6j2y) and cited in Forbes magazine states that: Solar and wind are inexhaustible sources of energy, unlike coal, oil and gas, and at current growth rates will push fossil fuels out of the electricity sector byContinue reading “Sustainable Energy is Possible; Let’s Help Make it Happen”