Season of Creation Week 5: Educate Yourself and Talk about Climate Change!

We are in the fifth week of the Season of Creation. Last week the theme was “Ditch the Plastic”; this week the theme is “Educate yourself on climate change and then start talking about it.” Climate change fundamentally starts with science. And you’d be best served by getting climate change science from: need I sayContinue reading “Season of Creation Week 5: Educate Yourself and Talk about Climate Change!”

Climate Change Talk Wrap Up

This past Sunday, The Saint Francis of Assisi ministry hosted Kathy Dawson who spoke to thirty attendees on the topic “Climate Change: The Science, Impacts and Solutions.” Kathy is a member of the All Pilgrims Christian Church on Capitol Hill, a Climate Reality Leader, and a co-leader of the Seattle Climate Change meetup.  Kathy beganContinue reading “Climate Change Talk Wrap Up”

Why Drawdown?

Back in December, Pope Francis sent a message to the annual climate summit in Madrid: Numerous studies tell us it is still possible to limit global warming. To do this we need a clear, far-sighted and strong political will, set on pursuing a new course that aims at refocusing financial and economic investments toward thoseContinue reading “Why Drawdown?”

Project Drawdown

In the introduction of Laudato Si, Pope Francis tells us: The worldwide ecological movement has already made considerable progress and led to the establishment of numerous organizations committed to raising awareness of these challenges. Yes, many people and many organizations are working in the climate change space. Here at St John the Evangelist, my wife,Continue reading “Project Drawdown”