Last week I shared a TED Countdown talk where Pope Francis spoke of our moral imperative to act on climate change. Also reciting her poem, Earthrise, at TED Countdown, was poet Amanda Gorman. (You may recall that Amanda recited her poem, The Hill We Climb, at Joe Biden’s inauguration.) These two TED talks, one byContinue reading “Earthrise”

Lockdown, A Poem for the Pandemic

Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan monk living in Ireland, wrote a poem entitled “lockdown” and posted it to Facebook on March 13th. I was so touched by it, I wanted to share it here:  Yes there is fear.Yes there is isolation.Yes there is panic buying.Yes there is sickness.Yes there is even death.But,They say thatContinue reading “Lockdown, A Poem for the Pandemic”