Thinking of those without

For the long President’s Day weekend, we decided to get away to the ocean. While Seattle was getting snow, Ocean Shores was beset with freezing rain and our power went out Friday night. We learned to live without light, the ability to cook, and most impactful: without heat. And since the road home was fullContinue reading “Thinking of those without”

A better kind of politics

Our Saint Francis of Assisi group has been reading Pope Francis’ encyclical Fratelli Tutti. During our February Zoom meeting, we discussed Chapter 5. We’ve all heard the adage “Never discuss politics or religion in polite company.” But in Chapter 5, our fearless Pope Francis mixes both. The chapter’s title is “A better kind of politics”.Continue reading “A better kind of politics”

Relationships, Love, and Charity

Chapter three of Fratelli Tutti, is entitled “Envisaging and Engendering an Open World” and discusses relationships, love, acts of solidarity and service, openness, morality, and universal rights.  Pope Francis makes it clear: We need to move beyond ourselves in order to truly live: No one can experience the true beauty of life without relating toContinue reading “Relationships, Love, and Charity”