Here you will find religious and practical resources for living a caring, thoughtful, and ethical life that cares for our common home and all of its inhabitants.

1. Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical:

2. Article  on NW Catholic website explaining Laudato Si (by Paul Litwin)

3. Pope Francis’ Season of Creation message:

4. Season of Creation website:

5. Global Catholic Climate Movement:

6. Catholic Climate Covenant:

7. Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint at Living the Change:

8. NASA on climate change:

9. Climate 101:

10. National Geographic on climate change:

11. End plastic waste:

12. Carbon Footprint Calculator:

13. Meatless Mondays recipes:

14. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 21-day vegan kickstart:

15. 55 Ways to Care for Creation – produced by the Saint Francis of Assisi group:

16. Bishops of England and Wales Global Caring Film:

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