Introducing the Laudato Si Action Platform

As I have written about before, in May of 2015 Pope Francis released his Laudato Si encyclical ( The encyclical addresses climate change, climate injustice, and the care for creation. In the encyclical, Our Holy Father implores us to listen to “both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” and toContinue reading “Introducing the Laudato Si Action Platform”

What I learned at high school

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke to Nathan Hale High School students as part of their Climate Day of Action. Hopefully, the students learned a few things from my talk, The Climate Crisis and the Four Levels of Action (you can view my presentation at, but what I want to write about todayContinue reading “What I learned at high school”

Climate Action Now!

Most people think that contacting their representatives regarding climate change and pending legislation is too hard. A while back, I wrote about a web page I created to make it easier at how-to-contact-your-leaders. While this is still a handy resource page for contacting your elected leaders, an offshoot of the Climate Reality Project recently createdContinue reading “Climate Action Now!”

Making that Low-Carbon Resolution Stick

During January, I shared with you my four low carbon footprint resolution ideas: eat more plants, use less energy, buy less stuff, and talk and advocate for change. I often think about this column when I run. And this past Saturday I was on a long run on Cougar Mountain while I listened to oneContinue reading “Making that Low-Carbon Resolution Stick”

Season of Creation Week 5: Educate Yourself and Talk about Climate Change!

We are in the fifth week of the Season of Creation. Last week the theme was “Ditch the Plastic”; this week the theme is “Educate yourself on climate change and then start talking about it.” Climate change fundamentally starts with science. And you’d be best served by getting climate change science from: need I sayContinue reading “Season of Creation Week 5: Educate Yourself and Talk about Climate Change!”

Are you Idling on Climate Action?

How often do you idle your car’s engine? That is, sit in your car before departing and run the engine to warm the car up in the winter, or perhaps to cool down the car in the summer. Or perhaps you sit in your car after you’ve arrived and take a few minutes to catchContinue reading “Are you Idling on Climate Action?”

Contacting Your Leaders

Updated last Sept, 2021. Make your voice be heard about climate change. Contact your elected representatives frequently to let them know you want clear and sustainable action on climate change now! Use these links to get you connected today: Contact the Seattle City Council members at Contact Seattle’s mayor (currently Mayor Jenny Durkin) atContinue reading “Contacting Your Leaders”

The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si

At our July 8th meeting at St John the Evangelist, we watched a wonderfully informative webinar The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si. At this link you can view the 90-minute webinar (hint: click on the Watch on Vimeo link to launch the recorded webinar) and download the slides. This excellent webinar was hosted byContinue reading “The Ten Green Commandments of Laudato Si”