55 Ways to Care for Creation

Need some inspiration on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and care for creation? Here are 55 ways to care for creation. Download a printable PDF version.

Energy & Water

1. In the summer, turn off the a/c. Use a fan or open windows.

2. In the winter, turn down the heat and grab a sweater, sweatshirt or blanket.

3. Heat a single room using a space heater.

4. Install solar panels on your roof.

5. Replace gas-powered tools & appliances with an electric ones.

6. Replace your energy-inefficient fridge.

7. Buy a front-load washer.

8. Replace lights with LED bulbs.

9. Shorten your shower.

10. Wash your clothes less.

11. Wash your clothes in cold

12. Use less detergent for dish and clothes washers.

13. Turn off the water when
brushing teeth.


14. Ride the bus/train to work/school.

15. Join a carpool or vanpool.

16. Ride a bike to work / school.


17. Use a bike rental service.

18. Walk to the grocery store.

19. Walk to church.

20. Hold onto your car longer.

21. Buy a used car.

22. Buy a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

23. Stop idling. Turn off engine when stopped.


24. Use fabric napkins at meals.

25. Use a steel or ceramic coffee mug. Bring it to work.

26. Bring a steel or glass water bottle everywhere.

27. Bring reusable plates, cups, and dinner ware to picnics.

28. Eat out less.

29. Go  meatless on Mondays.

30. Go meatless on more days.

31. Go vegan.

32. Buy organic.

33. Buy local.

34. Buy fair trade coffee, chocolate, etc.

35. Grow your own food.

36. Eat leftovers.

37. Take your lunch to work/school.


38. Borrow from a library.

39. Swap items with neighbors.

40. Consider renting instead of buying.

41. Refuse to buy single-use items.

42. Buy less.

43. Buy used.

44. Donate used items to charity.

45. Keep that mobile phone longer before you upgrade.

Care for Creation

46. Dispose properly of electronics, batteries, light bulbs, motor oil, & hazardous chemicals.

47. Use safe alternatives to harsh household chemicals.

48. Refuse to use pesticides in your yard.

49. Plant bird/bee friendly bushes & flowers.

50. Plant a tree.

51. Volunteer to clean up parks.

52. Pick up that litter.

53. Volunteer at a food bank, or a shelter.

54. Use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

55. Say hi to that homeless person.

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