Fast from Meat

The Global Catholic Climate Movement has released its Lenten Calendar 2021 that is focused on concrete actions we can take each week to improve the planet as well as ourselves. 

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter and the celebration of the Paschal Mystery. During this time of fasting and renewal, we will embark upon a journey of ecological conversion through reflection, repentance, and renewal. Together.

For Week 3 of Lent, we are asked to fast from eating meat:

Go on a meat fast: Can you make a commitment this week to eat only plant-based products? Animal agriculture remains one of the leading contributors of the greenhouse gas emissions that scientists say are causing the climate crisis. 

Learn more by watching this five-minute video “The diet that helps fight climate change“.

The take home here is that small steps help: start by fasting from meat out for the entire week. Who knows what you will learn from that no-meat feat? Perhaps that you can make earth-friendly changes to your diet going forward. If you’d like to read more moving towards a plant-based diet, please read my post on eating more plants from February, 2020.

For those who already don’t eat meat, myself included, first of all, congratulations! How about pushing yourself to reduce your footprint some other way this week?

You can download the Laudato Si Lent Calendar at Next week we tackle reducing the use of energy.

Working together, we can help take care of our common home. 

Paul Litwin

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