Giving Up Carbon for Lent

This week’s title is a little silly: you can’t completely give up emitting carbon. Even if you did nothing else, the simple act of breathing releases carbon into the atmosphere. 

Pope Francis implores us each to make changes to reduce our carbon footprint. We are called to take meaningful, significant, and concrete actions to better our world.

Yes, we can all reduce our footprints, and what better time to make the change then during Lent, an annual time of self sacrifice for Catholics! What will you give up?

During Lent, I will…

  1. Refuse to purchase plastic bottles of water and instead carry a reusable water bottle with me at all times. 
  2. Bring a reusable coffee mug to my coffee shop when I purchase drip coffee or espresso drinks.
  3. Take the bus, ride my bike, or walk to work or school. (If that’s too much, start with pledging to change your commute for one day a week.)
  4. Turn down the thermostat down a degree or two. I will wear a sweatshirt or sweater more often at home. And, if necessary, I will throw another blanket on the bed.
  5. Wear the same pair of jeans for several days between washes.
  6. Shorten my shower time. (Time yourself over several days. Now, go ahead and reduce the average time by a minute or more.)
  7. Go vegan. Need some help? See last week’s column or come join us on March 8th (more below). Not ready to go vegan for all of Lent? How about going vegan for one day a week, or perhaps more.
  8. Only purchase earth-friendly, sustainable household and gardening products.

Now make your Lenten pledge stick by pledging it to Creation is counting on you!

Suzanna and I will be giving a talk entitled Eat for the Planet on Sunday, March 8th at 7pm in the Admin Building. Please consider joining us for lots of tips and tricks on going vegan for Lent. 

Working together, we can help take care of our common home.

Paul Litwin

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