Top Ten Lessons of Laudato Si

Back in 2015, Jesuit priest and editor at large of the Jesuit magazine America, James Martin, shared his top ten takeaways from Laudato Si. It’s still a great and insightful list:

  1. The spiritual perspective is now part of the discussion on the environment.
  2. The poor are disproportionately affected by climate change.
  3. Less is more.
  4. Catholic social teaching now includes teaching on the environment.
  5. Discussions about ecology can be grounded in the Bible and church tradition.
  6. Everything is connected — including the economy.
  7. Scientific research on the environment is to be praised and used.
  8. Widespread indifference and selfishness worsen environmental problems.
  9. Global dialogue and solidarity are needed.
  10. A change of heart is required.

If you have time, I suggest you read the complete text of Father Martin’s article, where he expounds on each item from his top ten list. 

And if you haven’t read it, I would like to encourage you to read Pope Francis’ seminal encyclical for yourself. You can purchase a bound copy from many sources or view the Vatican-posted version for free online.

Working together, we can help take care of our common home.

Paul Litwin

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