Your Personal Season of Creation

As I mentioned previously, Pope Francis released a message at the start of the Season of Creation on September 1:

This season of increased prayer and effort on behalf of our common home begins today, 1 September, the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, and ends on 4 October, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.  

(Re-) read Pope Francis’ complete message.

What have you planned for Your Season of Creation? For your ecological conversion? Pope Francis implores us each to make changes to reduce our carbon footprint. We are called to take meaningful, significant and concrete actions to better our world. What will you do?

Here are some suggested goals:

  1. I will refuse to purchase plastic bottles of water and instead carry a reusable water bottle with me at all times. 
  2. I will bring a reusable coffee mug to my coffee shop when I purchase drip coffee or espresso drinks.
  3. I pledge to take the bus, ride my bike, or walk to work or school. (If that’s too much, start with pledging to do it one day a week.)
  4. In the winter, I will turn down the thermostat down a degree or two. I will wear a sweatshirt of sweater more often at home. And, if necessary, I will throw another blanket on the bed.
  5. I will shorten my shower time. (Time yourself over several days. Now, go ahead and reduce the average time by a minute or more.)
  6. I will wash my clothes less. (How many times can you wear those jeans between washes?)
  7. I will keep my phone longer! (If you are buying a new mobile phone every year, pledge to keep it for two years instead. If you are waiting for two years already, make it three, and so forth.) 
  8. I will reduce the amount of plastic in my household. I will go with more earth-friendly products like bamboo, steel, and glass.
  9. I will replace my gas-powered appliances & tools with corded or cordless electric equivalents. (This might include lawn mowers, trimmers, chainsaws and grills.)
  10. I will purchase that next car instead of leasing it and I will plan to hold onto my next car for 5, 7, or 10 years. (Extra points for buying a used car or making it a hybrid, or, even better, an all-electric car.) 
  11. I will eat out less. I will bring my lunch to work or school more often. And I will go vegetarian several days a week.
  12. I pledge to stop using harsh chemicals when cleaning the house. I will practice organic  gardening. I will purchase earth-friendly, sustainable household and gardening products.
  13. In regards to food: I will buy organic and try to buy as local as I can find.
  14. In regards to everything else: I will buy less.
  15. I will come up with my own ideas on how to reduce my carbon footprint and make for a more sustainable world.

Now make your commitments stick by (a) pledging them at, and (b) coming up with systems to take your commitments and turn them into sustained achievements. Creation is counting on you!

Working together, we can help take care of our common home.

Paul Litwin

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